How to Build Your Own Workout Routine

In order to build your own workout routine, you must concentrate on the basics. Here it is important that you find the right balance between eating and working as both go hand in hand to determine what is best for you. Trying to emulate  your favourite celebrity may not work as they have professionals who take care of everything. You will not have that luxury due to various constraints but sparing some time from your daily routine will do wonders for you and will help you to live a much healthier life.


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    Determine where you want to exercise. That is important as some people prefer to go to gym while others like to train with free weights. Starting with the latter will surely help gradually build your stamina before you take your routine to the next level. Some people will do combination of both but that will depend on your own capacity. Determine how much time you can devote to training and plan your meals accordingly.

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    In deciding which exercise to carry out, you need to consult an expert. Running is the starting point for most people but research the internet for a routine that best suits you. Other avenues include newspapers and fitness related magazine. However, make sure you don’t confuse yourself as some of the tricks mentioned will not help you.

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    Figure out the body area which you need to work out the most. In most instances, people want to burn the abdominal fat for which they carry out rigorous abs exercises. However, most trainers instruct that you must not work out on a specific body part and rather keep all muscles toned. Therefore quads, squats, push-ups, pull ups must be necessary components of your exercise. In some scenarios, pick a couple of above exercises and perform it one day and seek another routine the next day. Add varieties, if possible.

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    Set a goal and stick to it. Decide on the number of reps you can perform and try to increase it gradually. This may take some time but don’t get agitated if you are not getting instant results. Surely doing some sort of workout is better than doing nothing. Don’t over exert yourself as it could lead to a serious injury.

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    Stretch after you have done your workout. This is important and make sure that you get ample rest. Only then the muscle will develop. Maintain a healthy diet where you are meeting the daily protein requirements.

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    Note everything down so that you compare your previous routine.

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