How to Begin Cycling For Fitness

Many of us everyday struggle with maintaining a healthy life style and in turn a healthy weight. We try to use various diet programs yet our cravings take over any chances of their success. We also try to keep ourselves in shape with the help of a fitness trainer yet work responsibilities leave us with little hope of achieving success in that either.

In a time where we want to get maximum results from a minimum effort, cycling can be an answer to the prayers of many. It takes relatively less time and is an extremely healthy activity and the fact that it is an activity that can take place both outdoors as well as indoors makes it even more attractive.


  • 1

    Get the Right Cycle

    The way to go forward is to get a bike that suits your body best. If you are not able to find the perfect fit, get it professionally fitted to your needs. Getting the right bike will help you all along the way and with a sense of comfort, it will make the process all that easier.

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    Wear the Right Clothing

    Wearing the right gear is equally important. Get a comfortable shirt that does not hinder with the bike and get shots that make you comfortable. You can also grab a pair of padded shots that will help you feel more comfortable during a long round of biking and your bottom will feel less uncomfortable.

  • 3

    Get into a Rhythm

    Finding a rhythm in the cycling is also essential. Try to get a fluent in your cycling and the body will respond to it well. Initially it may ache in the back and legs and even shoulder and the neck may give you a hard time, but soon it will also be in a rhythm and will adjust well to the grind. Initially it is best that a road with little traffic is used to gain fluency.

  • 4

    Add Some Speed

    Once the cycling is getting natural for you, make sure that you have at least a couple of session of around 40 minutes twice a week. If you can add one longer session apart from the two, it’s all the better. With time, the cycling speed can also be increased and short burst of faster pedaling can be added.

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    Set Goals

    Set goals as they will motivate to keep going when it feels like you are going to give up. It can be losing a certain amount of pounds or to fit in your favourite Tux.

  • 6

    Be Patient

    Patience remains to be the key when following those goals and there is no point in trying to achieve them all at once. It is going to be a process over a period of time, just like each pedal gets you closer to your destination; perseverance will be the key in achieving your goals.

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