How to Create Fitness Goals

Setting goals is the key element to set yourself up for success, but there is a fine line between setting realistic goals or those ambitious ones that you think are achievable but you end up burning yourself out in the process. Fitness goals are synonymous to any other goals or objectives you set, however, you have to be a little optimistic in your approach as you forget failure and set yourself up for success.

Everyone has multiple targets when it comes to achieving fitness, which includes losing weight, packing on muscles, and who doesn’t want six-pack abs to go with a lean body. For this you need to set yourself realistic and right fitness goals.


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    The key here is to set yourself realistic goals that you know you can easily achieve. Know yourself before you set yourself up for a scheduled fitness routine. Start with an evening jog and get your body in tuned with the new change, and after you feel you can go farther and at a much appropriate time for example early morning, then set that goal after getting out there to get yourself fit.

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    It is always handy to write down things you need to do. Similarly, it is a good idea to write down your fitness goals and place it where you see it multiple times during the day. It will do two things; it will keep you focused on your goals and the targets you want to achieve in a certain period of time, and secondly you will know what to do when, and the time it will take to get done.

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    Giving in to consistency is a major hindrance. So, it is easier if you break down those goals into mini goals. Because once you achieve those mini goals it will give you a sense of achievement, and most importantly it will make you feel closer to your ultimate target, hence the motivation to keep going.

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    Talking about motivation, it is necessary that after achieving a mini or a regular goal you pat yourself on the back, and reward yourself. It is a great motivator, and it will keep you fresh while you put your body to the test.

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    It is all good to think about these things and commit all the goals to paper, but all of this will never do you any good if you don’t get started. Stop thinking about tomorrow, focus on today and now. Get out there and try it out.

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