How to Write a Fitness Report

The fitness report, also known as “Fitreps”, is one of the most important documents in the armed forces and specific organizations. It keeps a record of how a personnel or officer fits in his or her specific rank in the organization. Fitness report is extremely vital in the evaluation process of the employees and every individual would like to have the cleanest report from his officers for promotion purposes.

The fitness report is presented to the review board, which will analyze the recent performances of individual based on these vital recommendations stated within. It is then further decided that whether a person is worthy of a promotion or needs to be pegged down. Hence, a fitness report can decide the fate of an individual and due care must be taken while drafting one. The following steps will help you with writing a fitness report:


  • 1

    The Rough Draft

    It is better to create a rough draft at first and then get going with the actual fitness report. The initial step involves a lot of brainstorming, pondering over every statement and action of the concerned person, no matter how good or bad they are. You have to list down all these pointers and your rest of the rough draft will be constructed over them.

  • 2

    Once you have all the good and bad points about that particular person, you have to decide which of those are to be focused, good ones or the bad ones, in the fitness report. This decision will directly affect the outcome of the evaluation process of the concerned person.

  • 3

    Then comes the choice of including which points in the report and which are to be exempted from it. Questions such as, has the person being efficient with his duties? Did he or she initiate a new program? Does he or she possess leadership qualities? Is he or she a team player or a loner? etc, can give a decent overview of that person’s performance and behaviour.

  • 4

    In the next step, you shall write the opening report statement, which will be a maximum of three short lines but these sentences should be very powerful, so that the review board is left with no doubts about the concerned person. Five to seven bullet points shall serve a decent purpose and all these points should align with your ultimate recommendation of promotion or what so ever.

  • 5

    A closing statement of two to three lines will conclude the draft of the report. This statement should contain the summary of your entire report, presenting your judgements to the review board. Once your rough draft is complete, the actual fitness report should be drafted.

  • 6

    The Final Draft

    Include the name and designation of the concerned person in the opening statement, proofread it and edit for any changes. These opening sentences should form a justified paragraph.

  • 7

    Rephrase the main points of your report and rearrange them in such order that the strongest points come first and then the relatively lesser important ones. Your aim should be to save the time of the review board and stuff only the important information in your report.

  • 8

    Proofread your closing statement and review your given recommendations.

  • 9

    Type your drafted fitness report, correctly mentioning the name and designation of the concerned person. Mention your five to seven points in bullets form and justify the opening and closing statement in paragraphs.

  • 10

    Print out your fitness report, sign it and then submit it to the review board.

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