How to Prevent Gym Odor

It is imperative to hit the gym regularly if you are looking to attain and maintain a great body. People with great bodies are not only able to lead a healthier life, but are also able to attract more attention from the opposite sex.

While working out, it is impossible to keep oneself from sweating. This sweating causes the body to smell, making it unbearable for others to stay in close proximity of such a person.

Fortunately, there are some very simple ways to preventing or removing gym odor and making yourself smell great despite having performed an intensive workout just a few moments ago.


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    Make it a habit to take a shower before and after your workout session. Doing any intensive physical activity is sure to make your body release toxins that result in body odor. This is perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed of. However, using simple body wash or spending time in the sauna, i.e. if your gym has one, will help to wash away these toxins. Sweat is also a huge factor in causing odor. This can be removed by taking a shower or hitting the sauna as well.

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    Deodorants are a must for anyone who visits the gym. As mentioned before, you cannot prevent yourself from sweating and consequently smelling after an intensive workout session. While taking a shower is an effective way of getting ridding of the odor, spraying deodorant on your body will not serve to remove the odor even more effectively, but will also replace it with a good fragrance. Deodorants work in pretty much the same way as cologne, i.e. make you smell great.  There is a large variety of deodorants available in the market. You are allowed to try them out before making the final decision. Do not get too influenced by TV commercials of deodorants as they tend to exaggerate the effect of deodorants, especially AXE. Do not expect yourself to become a “chick magnet” after using a deodorant to improve your scent.

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    Research has revealed that eating healthier can have a positive effect on a person’s scent. Therefore, start consuming more fruits and vegetables. Eating healthy will also benefit your physical fitness.

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    The sneakers and socks that you were wearing while performing the physical workout are bound to start smelling. Therefore, thoroughly wash your feet and use a sanitizer and deodorant on them. Also put on a fresh pair of socks.

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