How to Use a Crystal Ball

Crystal balls seem to be mysterious objects that offer a glimpse into otherworldly realms and access to deep, dark secrets. While it is commonly believed that only gypsies and fortune tellers can extract this information from the crystal ball, ordinary people can also try their hand at looking into a crystal ball and determining what they see. If you are looking for hidden information, or suspect that you might possess the Inner Eye, try your hand at using a crystal ball.


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    Start by purchasing the most essential item – a crystal ball. These come in both glass and quartz varieties, and for the purposes of crystal ball reading, either will do. You can either browse online to find the one you want, or visit an occult store to scope out all the varieties and inspect them before you decide to purchase one.

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    Once you have your crystal ball, bring it home, and use a soft cloth to clean it thoroughly. After this is done, you will need to charge your crystal ball – these generally draw their energy from moonshine, so place it out at night in a pool of moonlight, and allow it to charge for several nights. Once it is charged, store it in a cool, dark place when not in use, and do not allow other people to handle the crystal ball – it must be touched by you alone, otherwise it will pick up the energy from other people’s hands.

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    When you feel ready to glimpse into the crystal ball, set the mood before you begin. Dim the lights in the room, put on some soft music, light candles, and burn incense – it is essential to create a relaxed, almost hazy atmosphere, in order to ease the mind into an altered state of Seeing.

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    Place a low table (a coffee table will do) in the centre of the room, and cover it with a silk cloth. Place the ball on top of this, and sit down facing it. Now prepare your mind for the impending experience. Close your eyes, and visualise white light pouring through you, cleansing you of negative energy.

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    Now, proceed to think of a question you want to ask the ball – you can either think this in your mind, or say the question out loud. Once you’ve asked the question, open your eyes, relax them, and stare at the ball – remain mentally focused on your question, but allow your eyes to slide in and out of focus.

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    By this point, a cloud of mist should start forming inside the ball. Do not allow your mind to be surprised, and do not look at it directly – rather, keep your eyes moving in and out of focus. The mist will gradually fade away, and images will start to form within the ball. Do not be alarmed, and do not try to prevent them with your mind – keep your mental state blank, free, and open, and allow the images to come.

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    Once the images begin to subside, the mist will start forming again, clouding the interior of the ball. Mentally express your gratitude to the crystal ball, and store it back in the dark place where you keep it. Resume your normal routine, and allow your mind to pore over the images you saw – these are symbolic, and may take some time to decipher.

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