How to Get Ripped Muscles in 4 Weeks

Are you tired of working out in the gym trying to get ripped but nothing seems to work?

If so, you should know that you are not alone in this misery as most of the people who work out do not even know what works for their muscles and what does not.

Spending long hours in the gym and taking all sorts of weight-loss supplements might seem like a good idea to get a ripped, toned muscle, but your body needs a lot more than that to get in a proper shape.


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    Make a diet plan

    Unless you have a solid diet plan, you cannot get a ripped physique. Whatever diet plan you choose initially, the instructor at your gym should always be in the loop so that he/she can review your body condition and come up with something that really works for your muscles.

    Remember that muscle building process has a lot to do with your diet. The best diet plan is one that requires you to eat smaller meals. You can sit down to grab a bite every 3 hours. Add protein to your diet plan as a special part. Each meal you take should have at least 30 grams of protein.

    Focus on carbs and add it to your diet plan. You can consume quinoa, veggies, fruits, brown rice and oatmeal to get carbs.

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    Go for heavy iron

    Use heavier weights in the gym if you want your muscles all ripped and in shape. Contrary to popular perception that training light is the key to getting ripped, push yourself hard and focus on increasing load. The existing muscle mass that needs to be shaped up typically requires heavy weight to sustain itself. Training light may cause you to lose a lot of muscle size, making your efforts pointless.

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    Jog outdoors

    Before you step in the gym and lift weights, jog outdoors for a few minutes for warmup. Jogging outdoors is much better than running on a treadmill, as it builds your muscle more effectively and boosts stamina.

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    Do not resort to magic diets

    If you find yourself getting obsessed with all those promising magic diets, you should remember that the only thing that can shape your muscle is a tough workout in the gym and a solid diet plan (natural one). You can find several medicines, pills and supplements in the market, which claim to give you a shredded look in a matter of days. Do not fall for that.

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