How to Strengthen Abs with the Malibu Pilates Chair

A body cannot look toned until and unless you have a tight belly. Your upper body strength depends on the hardness of your stomach muscles, which are called abs. For an impressive figure, both men and women make an extra effort to achieve a six-pack. However, achieving well developed abs requires patience, consistency and the ability to push your body to its limits. However, if you are determined enough, there isn’t any reason why you cannot achieve a perfect front. You can use the Malibu Pilates Chair to successfully train your stomach and enjoy the desired results.


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    The first step for this exercise is to get yourself a Malibu Pilates Chair.

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    You now have to perform a series of Pilates positions, directed to strengthen your upper and lower abs. Here, the single-leg stretch targets your abs, hips and thighs.

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    Now sit on your Malibu Pilates Chair by placing your left foot on the left foot pedal. After you have positioned yourself, slowly raise your right leg into the air. With the pressure on your right thigh you need to straighten your right foot. With this leg in the air, start pumping your left leg up and down in a steady motion. Try to continue this process for about 30 seconds, with your right leg up in the air.

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    The next step is to lower your right leg slowly and raise the other and repeat the process, this time pumping the right leg. This might sound easy but it is not, as during the initial days you will feel exhausted in a matter of minutes.

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    Now is the time for the next exercise, you need to lay on the chair to prepare for this. After relaxing for a few minutes raise both legs in the air. Make sure your arms are straightened, resting at the sides of your legs. Flap/pump your arms up and down almost ten times during this exercise. Continue to do this until you complete 100 pumps.

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    Okay so now you have to sit on the chair, grab the back of the chair to get support and with a firm hold, raise both legs into the air, with the legs in the air, lower your body. This is a very tough exercise and will require all your strength. As tough as it may sound, you need to repeat this for at least 10 to 15 times. This exercise is critical in helping you build hard and prominent abs while burning all the excess fat.

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