How to Build Pectoral Muscles at Home

Pectoral muscles, also known as the chest muscles, are not easy to build and you have to do a lot of workout to make them stronger. When you are at a gym, you get continuous instructions from a trainer and also have the necessary equipment to help you develop stronger pectorals. However, that will cost you plenty of time and money, so it is better to perform all the exercises at home.

It sounds quite difficult to gain upper body strength through exercise at home, but you will find it quite easy once you know the proper technique.

Things Required:

– Chairs
– Stairs


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    Decline push-ups

    You must have heard the term push-ups very often. This exercise is practiced to gain strength in the upper body, especially the pectoral muscles. However, there are different types of push-ups, which have to be performed one by one in order to get positive results. Firstly, you have to go for the decline push-ups, for which you will require one chair placed against the wall.

    After doing so, rest both your feet on the chair and your hands on the floor. Straighten your arms first and then slowly bend them downwards. Stay in that position for a few seconds and then move upwards. Continue repeating this for as long as you can. Once you are tired, rest for a while and do the same exercise again, as it is necessary to do a couple of sets.

    Afterwards, you have to stay in the same position, but change the angle of your shoulders to strengthen the middle of your chest. All you have to do is place your arms wider and then start the exercise.

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    Incline push-ups

    In order to perform the incline push-ups, you have to move your body in the opposite direction. Your feet will rest on the floor whereas your upper body should be placed on the chairs put against the wall. All you have to do is perform the push-ups, but this time you will have to apply a lot of strength from your arms and shoulders. Make sure you are in a comfortable position before starting the exercise.

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    Isometric push-ups

    In order to perform this exercise, you have to stay in the inclined position, but make sure you stop while lowering your body for about 30 seconds. Finally, repeat the same process on the floor and your workout will be complete.

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