How to Swim For Fitness and Weight Loss

While swimming is regarded as the best exercise you can do, it still should not be considered number-one for weight loss. Nonetheless, this does not mean that it does not work. If you are looking to tone your body and cut down on that extra fat around your waistline then swim away.

Swimming is gentle on your joints and it makes an impact on almost all over your body. This is one exercise after which you do not have to worry about sweaty and smelly underarms.

Reasons why swimming isn’t the best weight loss exercise:

– When you are swimming, your weight is supported by water which means that you do not burn enough energy than on land.
– The more fat you have the lesser energy you will burn, which will do you less good if you are aiming to lose some weight.
– Then comes the problem of maintaining temperature, it really does not matter what weight you have because it is easier to maintain your temperature in the pool, which leads us to conclude that since you have not worked a sweat in this exercise, there really isn’t a possibility of gaining much from it.
– It has been observed that many people eat more after a swim, thus nullifying the effects of this exercise

Nonetheless, this does not mean you cannot lose weight if you swim.

Benefits of swimming:

– It builds muscular and cardiovascular endurance that is why world class athletes use swimming as a tool to aid in their recovery from an injury, so in case you are recovering from an accident and want to get back into exercising, it would be wise to start by swimming.
– It helps you relax while there is an added advantage of losing some of that fat on your body.
– Let us not forget that swimming is fun, so if you are a parent take your kids to the pool which will be fun and exercise at the same time.


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    Swimming to Lose Weight

    If you are aiming to swim to lose weight then you first need to plan out as to how much swimming needs to be done daily in order to lose the number of pounds you have set as your target.

    You need to challenge yourself to engage in intense swimming in order to successfully lose calories as there is no way around it.

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    Swimming Lessons are Handy

    Always consider getting a swimming lesson, if you are a new swimmer, to familiarize yourself with the four strokes which are breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and freestyle. All these strokes impact your muscles in their own way, so to know them is the best way to gain maximum from a swimming session.

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    Make a Routine

    It is best for you to know what it will take for you to lose the minimum amount of calories that you are aiming for and then form a swimming routine. You need forge a proper timetable for your swimming sessions.

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