How to Get Stronger Arms Without Working Out

How to Get Stronger Arms Naturally, without working out or hitting the gym.  Working out in gym to have stronger muscles is a common practice these days in almost all parts of the world. However, what do you do to bring the natural buff in your triceps and biceps?  maintaining the workout routine can be an extremely challenging task, taking into account the hectic schedules of the modern world. Having strong arms is extremely important as they help you a great deal in day to day life, especially if you have to lift weights often. Strengthening your arms is possible without working out in gym, with a number of alternate methods. However, you need to remember that some kind of resistance is imperative to gain muscle strength.

Things required:

– Resistance band


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    Use the resistance of your own body

    If you do not like lifting weights, one of the finest ways to strengthen your arms is to use the resistance of your own body. According to the experts, push-ups are a great exercise to strengthen your arms as well as the upper body, if working out in gym is not a preference for you.

    Apart from push-ups, you can also do triceps-dips. Learn to do these exercises efficiently. Begin with light exercises and increase your repetitions in one set with the passage of time. You can start with three sets of 10 repetitions each and every day of both push-ups and triceps-dips.

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    Yoga poses

    If you are looking to strengthen your arms, you should learn to do yoga poses as they will improve the overall flexibility and strength level of your muscles. Yoga experts recommend many poses such as dolphin which help strengthen the upper body. Once you start to do yoga, do it at least two or three times a week. Opting for a yoga class should be preferable.

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    Use a resistance band

    Resistance bands are easily available in sports shop. It can help you do various arm exercises at home. One of the common arm exercises with a resistance band is to hold the resistance band in both hands while standing straight. Pull the taut of the resistance band but make sure that it does not have any slack. At shoulder height, you need to extend both your arms in front of you and pull the resistance band apart like a piece of taffy, using both the hands.

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    You can indulge yourself in sports such as tennis or cricket, which help strengthen the arms.

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