How to Treat a Pulled Strained Calf Muscle

Exercise is a great thing, as it helps you stay fit and active. However overdoing it, can hurt your muscles, which is not a good thing at all. Therefore, you have to look after your body properly in order to avoid serious problems.

Many athletes around the world practice hard and look after their diet so that they can represent their country or clubs at the highest level. However, the pressure can sometimes become difficult to handle and their body gets vulnerable to injuries.

One of the most common injuries in athletes is the pulled calf muscle. Although it can be extremely painful, this injury can be healed with proper care.


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    Determine the nature of injury

    First of all, you have to be aware of the nature of your injury. If you have a grade 1 calf strain, you will not feel a lot of pain. There will be some stiffness in the muscle and you will be unable to stretch properly. In this case, you will have to rest for a couple of weeks and the injury will heal.

    In case of a grade 2 calf strain, you will have to bear a lot of pain. This means that your muscle fibres have been damaged. However, you will still be able to walk slowly and the injury will heal in more than a month’s time.

    If you have suffered a grade 3 calf strain, then you will be unable to move your leg. This means that your muscle fibres have completely torn and there will be bruises on your leg. For this, you might require a surgery and the injury will take more than four months to heal.

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    Talk to a sports professional

    If your injury is not that bad, go to a sports injury professional and talk to him/her about the problem. He/She will definitely come up with some good ideas and you will recover pretty quickly.

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    Muscle injuries take time to heal, but you can only gain full recovery through proper rest. If you put extra pressure on your leg, you will be unable to get fit in time and the injury may even get worse.

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    Take anti-inflammatory medicine

    In order to get rid of pain, you need to take some anti-inflammatory medicine. However, talk to your doctor before that, as he/she will give you a better advice.

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