How to Stick To a Fitness Routine

We all long to have good health and generally make our efforts to achieve it. It does take a great bit of passion to eat healthy, be active and do our workouts following a proper routine. Most of us generally follow these routines for a while and slowly lose our way and get back to our lazy and unhealthy ways.

In order not to slip in our aim of maintaining a healthy life style, there are certain steps that we must take, even though they may not look easy in the start, they will eventually lead us to better health.


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    Keep Small Goals

    To start off, keep smaller goal in mind. You may want to lose 50 pounds but its best to take it in strides and keep initial goal of maybe losing five pounds. Once you lose that, you will be motivated to continue to work hard and gradually move to you ultimate goal.

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    Take Time Out

    Take time out for yourself. Work never goes away but if proper care is not taken, health will certainly dwindle. Go for a brisk walk or hit the gym, make sure that you do something extra everyday for your own sake.

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    Make a Financial Commitment

    Make a financial commitment such as a gym membership and if possible, engage a personal trainer. Once you have made a financial commitment, you will feel compelled to go to the gym or visit your trainer as you will pay anyway.

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    Workout with Buddies

    It’s not a bad to take a friend along or make buddies at the fitness center. Once you are with a peer or someone you know, the work outs seem to be more fun and one feels more motivated to go for them. The element of boredom and tiredness automatically goes down.

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    Read Success Stories

    Read stories of others who have done the same over a long period of time to keep you going. Knowing that others too have tried and succeeded and you are not alone can motivate you into doing things that may have felt impossible before.

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    Don't Lose Heart

    If you miss a workout, do not be too hard on yourself and make sure you do not miss the next one. Being disappointed on missing a workout can lead to more such absences and the whole routine can actually suffer.

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    Take Some Liberties

    Allow yourself some of your favourite food even if you are on a diet program. A bit of chocolate indulgence may not harm you daily caloric targets too much but can go a long way to stop you from indulging into binge eating.

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