How to Stop Sensitive Teeth Pain

Nothing can be more annoying, painful and disturbing than the opening of eye at mid night with sever sensitive teeth pain. It can get more annoying when you  will have a delicious food item right in front of you and you cannot taste it just because sensitive teeth.

Sensitive teeth pain is one among the most aching health experiences. Acidic food and drink, tooth-grinding, worn tooth enamel, and too forceful tooth-brushing are some of the main reasons of sensitive teeth pain. However, these are some simple methods available to deal these issues, which are not only simple but very effectual.


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    Avoid too hot and cold food items

    The very first thing you have to do is avoid hot, spicy and cold food items for the time being until you fix the sensitive teeth issue. Such food items can increase the pain.

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    Icepack Works

    Grab an ice pack and hold it on the outside of your mouth for few minutes. It helps in relieving the pain and minimizing the swelling chances. You can make your own icepack by placing some ice cubes in a clean piece of cloth and tying it up.

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    Try Salt-Water Remedy

    Salt-water solution is a simple but useful remedy to deal the sensitive teeth pain issue. Add two teaspoons of salt to a glass of warm water and use a spoon to stir it vigorously until the salt dissolves completely. Now, pour some salt-water solution into your mouth, hold it over the sensitive tooth for few second or swish and discard. Repeat it few times and feel improvement in the pain.

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    Try Clove Remedy

    Cloves are power pack of eugenol that is a very useful and natural anti-inflammatory agent. It therefore helps in reducing the sensitive teeth pain. Dip a clean cotton ball into some food grade oil of cloves and place it on the sensitive tooth suffering from pain. Use the remaining solution to floss the affected area.

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    Tooth Brush

    Sensitive gum is another reason of sensitive teeth pain and gums on the other hand are very sensitive to hard toothbrush and vigorous brushing. Make sure to change your teeth brush as soon as possible and replace it with a soft one. It is even better to buy a toothbrush with small head as it easily reaches the corners of mouth without hurting the gums.

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    Use toothpaste that is especially designed for sensitive teeth.  Make sure that the ingredients’ list of the selected toothpaste contains Proenamel and Sensodyne, which are main ingredients to sooth sensitive teeth pain.

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    Oral Hygiene

    Oral hygiene is must to avoid sensitive teeth problem. Always brush your teeth at the end of mean and floss them gently. If you find teeth brushing boring task, at least rinse your mouth with some lukewarm water.

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    Avoid water after meal

    Try to avoid drinking water right after meal, especially tea and hot food items. It is one among the major causes of sensitive teeth.

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