How to Slim Down Your Calf Muscles

Many people face the problem of large calves. These people generally have a slim body but their bottom  is pretty bulky. There could be two reasons to this problem. One could be that there is a lot of leg fat and the second could be excessive exercising. You can trim down the calf muscles by performing a set of exercises which include running, swimming and biking. The exercises should specifically be for the calf muscle if you are satisfied with your overall figure.

Things Required:

– Running shoes
– Bicycle
– Swimming costume
– Skipping rope


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    This is one of the most effective exercises you can do to slim down your calf muscles. There is however no need of sprinting all the time.

    Endurance runners have thin legs as they cover long distances by running slow. On the other hand, sprinters have well developed calf muscles as they need strong legs to run fast. So, try to run slowly on flat surfaces to develop well toned legs.

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    You need to know how to perform Pilates. These are a series of exercises and techniques that help in keeping the legs toned for a longer period of time. This exercise regime includes biking, walking and swimming, and you do not increase the calf muscles by performing them. This activity is not a resistive exercise, which helps in increasing the muscle mass on your body. Instead, it is known as an exercise which will trim down the muscles - giving the calf muscles a good shape.

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    Jumping rope

    Jumping rope is also a very effective activity to trim down the calf muscles. When you jump, your calves take the strain and get in shape. If you continue to exercise on a regular basis, you can burn a considerable amount of fat from your calves. Skipping for 15-20 minutes is enough for a day.

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    You must do cardio exercises everyday if you want to lose fat from your calves. These cardio exercises will definitely improve your endurance and help slim down your calf muscles. Keep a regular routine for your cardio exercises and within a short time you will start to see the results.

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