How to Gain Weight if You Have Diabetes

Interesting, one of the more common symptoms of diabetes is drastic, unexplained weight loss. If the person was within a healthy weight range to start with, weight gain is important for health and personal appearance. Gaining weight with diabetes is just like gaining without the disease. There are certain things, nevertheless, that are different.

For example, if you are suffering from diabetes, you cannot eat as much bread and sweets as you could without diabetes. You must get your calorie intake from other sources in order to gain weight with diabetes. You should also try to stay away from too much juice. Juices are extremely high in sugar, despite some weight gain programs recommending juice consumption. Diabetics have to be extra careful in their sugar intake levels.


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    Weight gain diet for diabetes

    Always keep a bag of nuts with you. Nuts consist of healthy fat and a lot of calories. If you want to gain weight without changing your blood sugar too much, this is perfect to snack on between meals. Also add cheese, gravy and eggs to your meals if necessary. Cheese-covered vegetables, eggs in your mashed potatoes and chicken covered with gravy are helpful. These items will add a lot of calories to your meals to aid you in your pursuit of weight gain.

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    Consult the doctor

    Go to your personal doctor and see if the blood glucose level is fine to make sure that the new weight gain is working with your prescribed diabetes medication. If it is done rightly, there should be no real change in the blood glucose. On the other hand, also add strength training to your weekly routine. Lift weights, do pushups, sit-ups or perform other physical exercise that creates resistance every three days in a week.

    Muscle weighs more than fat, so the more you add to the body, your overall weight will increase as a result. However, you will need to eat a lot of food to gain muscle rather than lose weight.

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    Eat all kinds of fruit

    Eat healthy carbohydrate before going to bed. Fruits such as apple and banana are great for your body. Even though eating anything right before going to bed can aid you in gaining weight, carbs will actually help you sleep. Moreover, foods that are high in protein and fat levels can negatively affect your sleep.

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