Aerobic Workout Routines At Home

Aerobic workouts can be as easy as going for a jog, doing room exercises anything that gets your heart pumping. The best part about aerobic workouts is that you can perform them indoors or outdoors, and the results are brilliant if you are regular. The benefit of regular aerobic workouts is that your heart gets stronger, and ultimately reduces chances of a heart attack because with exercise you are able to control your blood pressure. Aerobic workout regime also helps prevent diabetes, and people with diabetes can keep their sugar level where it should be. It also reduces the chances of cancer.

The best part about aerobics is that it doesn’t restrict you to a few exercises, you can choose from multiple exercises, and the best ones you can perform in the comfort of your home.

These cardiovascular exercises will help you obtain many health benefits, and their low intensity will allow you to perform these exercises for much longer.


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    One such exercise is skipping, which allows you to burn 200 calories in a mere 12 minutes, and it is fun to do as well. A simple jump rope is for all ages and both the genders, and it helps you lose weight, and you can be creative with it as well.

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    Talking about low intensity with high benefits, one such exercise fits the bill perfectly. Step aerobics will be more effective if you get a higher step, but a step as high as 4 to 8 inches is recommended. A higher step will help you increase your stamina. You can start off by putting your right leg up and then repeat the same with your left leg.

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    The best cardio at home is stair climbing. Use that stair case for fat burning purposes, and ride the spiral or your traditional stair case for 30 minutes, and you can burn as much as 300 calories in one session.

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    Treadmills will never let you leave your home, and running without air resistance can help you run for longer periods of time, ultimately giving you more time to burn calories without leaving the comfort of your home. It doesn’t require much time either. Take out 20 minutes of your time, and set the pace according to your stamina, and just run. This 20 minute workout can help you burn 90 calories.

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    Everybody loves to dance, and what better way to burn fats when you’re doing what you enjoy. Dancing will keep you in shape, and 20 minutes dedicated to dancing daily will help you burn 120 calories.

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