How to Prevent Muscle Soreness

Muscle soreness is extremely common among athletes and people who work out regularly. Apart from hampering your performance, muscle soreness can prevent you from exercising regularly. However, the modern-day experts believe that the more you exercise, lesser is the chance you have of suffering from muscle soreness.

If you plan your exercise properly and follow a certain pattern, you can easily avoid muscle soreness. People, who do not take training or coaching in gym or in other forms of exercises, often go through muscle soreness. However, with the passage of time, as you gain more and more experience, you would learn to keep your muscles healthy and in good shape.


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    Warm-up before exercise

    Most muscle injuries occur due to lack of warm-up before exercise. Stretch each and every muscle of your body before working out.  Stretching exercises are very basic and can be easily learnt from trainers. If you warm up nicely before a physical activity, your chances of preventing muscle soreness are extremely high.

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    Know your limits

    While working out, one of the most important things is to know your limits and stay within them. There are many people who start going to a gym and try to behave like a professional body builders from day one. Such an approach is most likely going to have adverse effects on your body, which will become more prone to injuries. Begin with light exercises and gradually increase the intensity.

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    Control lactic acid

    Access of lactic acid in the body is one of the major causes behind muscle soreness. You can lower down the level of lactic acid in the body through more and more exercise and movement of the body. You can push out the lactic acid by flexing your muscles.

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    Fish oil

    Fish oil, filled with amino acids, is a natural supplement that can play a massive role in preventing muscle soreness.

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    If you indulge yourself in a physical activity regularly, it is imperative for you to give special attention to your diet. Have a balanced diet and try to avoid junk food. You should focus on nutrition, which is found in abundance in fresh vegetables and fruits.

    In order to strengthen your muscles, you should have appropriate intake of dairy products and meat - all sources of protein.

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