How to Get Skinny in a Week

Do you have any special occasion coming up that you need to get skinny really fast? Maybe you are planning a beach vacation? No matter what, getting skinny within a limited time period  is not a big deal at all. All it takes is a seven-day diet plan that can bring a drastic reduction in your calories intake. Stick to the plan for the whole week and enjoy a better looking you when it’s done. So get your bikini ready to rock your world with an attractive body in just a week!


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    Say Goodbye to Processed Foods

    Processed foods are yummy, no doubt, but they can make you crave additional food than your body needs. Do not eat processed foods for the whole week and try to even cut back on it permanently to see long lasting results.

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    No Sauce Please!

    Avoid various sauces as they contain many unhealthy ingredients, causing dehydration and forcing the body to store fat.  Moreover, they make resisting unnecessary nibbles extremely tricky.

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    Cut out all white grain products

    White grain products like spaghetti, white rice, and sandwich rolls contain carbs that can cause bloating, particularly around your belly. Avoid such food items to shed more weight within seven days.

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    Small Meals per Day

    Eating few, but small meals throughout the day not only feeds the metabolism process in your body, but keeps it blazing calories at a stable rate. Fruits and vegetables should be your main target. However, it is better to avoid peppers, onions, broccoli and watermelon as they can be a reason for bloating. Eat water-based fruits and vegetables like spinach, cucumber, asparagus, oranges, pears and bananas etc. If you are still not clear about the diet-plan for the seven days’ target, check out the Dieting Tips to Lose Weight in a Week.

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    Increase Liquid Intake

    Make sure to drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water per day for the whole week. If you find it difficult, drink fresh fruit or vegetable juices. Increased liquid intake plays a vital role in shedding calories quickly as it flushes out your system dramatically of any harmful toxins.

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    Do Cardio

    Cardio is the perfect combination of all those simple exercises that get your heart rate up, burn calories and fats. Cardio kickboxing, boot-camp workouts and spinning are three very effective cardio workouts. Make sure to do cardio for 30 to 40 minutes for seven consecutive days, which will add to drastic weight loss.

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    Carry Out Push-ups Every Other Day

    Push-ups help in burning calories and providing you with a more aerodynamic appearance. Carry out at least 36 pushups, three sets of 12 of each exercise, every other day to enjoy a healthier and more fit body.

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    Continue Simple Exercises

    Simple exercise like walking, running and jogging also contribute in losing weight. Stick to them and increase their duration, even after your seven-day diet has finished to stay healthy.

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    Drink Green Tea

    3 cups of green tea every day is essential, as it effectively lifts up your metabolism rate and the caffeine in it will give you a nice boost up.

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    Chewing Helps

    When you yearn for sweets, start chewing a piece of sugar-free gum. It not only satisfies your sugar needs, but slashes calories from your daily food intake.

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