How to Do the FMX Heel Clicker Trick

One of the first few tricks bikers master as they move into more dangerous territory, the FMX Heel Clicker is an easy-to-medium difficulty level trick that serves as a staple in extreme sport competitions. An advancement of the FMX No Footer trick, the Heel Clicker is best practised on the ground before being attempted in the air.


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    To begin, practice the trick on the ground first, before you attempt to pull it off mid-air – this is generally the advice given by the more experienced riders to the novices who’re looking to learn. Strap your bike down on a trailer, in order to keep it steady, and you are now ready to begin practising the trick without actually jumping.

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    Now, hold the handlebars steady (you will keep holding them firmly throughout the entire trick), and then stand up on the foot pedals. Make sure your feet are planted on firmly, and prepare to “jump” (you will only be pretending to jump while you practice on the ground).

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    Next, push off the pedals, and jump up and off as high as you can, as you would while performing the FMX No Footer trick. At this point, making sure the bike stays straight, steady, and balanced is a prime concern – to accomplish this, some riders use their arms to neutralise the force the legs put on the bike when pushing off, while others prefer to not push off at all, and simply lift their legs off the pedals and up into the air.

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    To complete the trick, bring your feet up above your arms and over the handlebars, bring them close enough to click your heels together, and then lower them back down onto the pedals in preparation for the landing. Practice this on the ground repeatedly, until you get it perfect.

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    Then, it is time to try it in the air. It is a good idea to begin by practising the FMX No Footer trick in the air, until you can do it almost effortlessly. This trick is half of the Heel Clicker trick, and requires you to lift your legs up and spread them out on either side of the bike. Once you master this, it is merely a matter of bringing the feet together to click the heels. Practice this until you can pull it off every time and land perfectly.

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