How to Stop Grinding Teeth at Night

Nothing can be more vexing then your partner’s complain that he/she could not sleep well as your were piercingly grinding your teeth at night? It is basically a common subconscious condition and is known as “bruxism” in medical term. It is brought on anxiety, tension and stress.

Besides being annoying, grinding teeth at night can cause severe headaches, shoulder tension, neck rigidness, jaw pain, jagged sleep etc. Moreover, it gives birth to facial misalignment, broken teeth and temporomandibular damage etc. However, solutions are available to this issue, which are not only simple but very effective. You just have to follow them with proper concentration.


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    Live a stress free life

    Stress and nervousness are the major reasons of bruxism. On the other hand, it is really difficult to avoid them in today’s busy world of super tensions. However, adopt one simple formula if you seriously want to live stress free life. You have to face the ups and downs of life at any cost, so embrace them with big heart and try to deal them with self-confidence.

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    Use Microwavable Heat Pack

    Purchase a microwavable heat pack and place it against your jaw line for some time, right before going to bed. It helps in calming and soothing your jaw muscles. If you can’t afford Microwavable Heat Pack, use warm dampen cloth as a substitute.

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    Take a warm shower

    You can take a relaxing warm shower in the evening in order to relax your body and mind. Moreover, it provides your muscles with some flexibility.

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    Mediation prior to sleep is another natural remedy to stop grinding teeth at night. It helps in training your mind and relaxing it.

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    No alcoholic beverages

    Avoid alcoholic beverages and caffeine as much as possible. Otherwise, try to reduce their consumptions.

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    Facial Massage

    Once you get into your bed, simply close your eyes and give a soothing facial massage. Use your finger tips or palms to massage the sides of your forehead, head and jaw line. It helps in relaxing mind and bruxism free sleep.

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    Wear a night guard

    Night guard is a useful dental tool to avoid the outcomes of the teeth grinding at night. You can purchase it from your nearest medical store and wear it before going to bed.

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