How to Make Thighs Thinner with Exercise

Do your pants feel tighter after Christmas? Will you do anything to make sure you lose the excess fat? Unluckily, when a person gains weight, it shows on their hips, thighs and bottom, but you can burn it all in almost a month. The extra pounds can be eliminated by following a strict diet and regular exercise. On the other hand, you don’t have to buy expensive products or join a gym to achieve your target. The most important thing is to be fully focused and follow the given routine.


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    Walk daily

    One of the easiest ways to make your thighs thinner and improve your fitness is to go out in the park and walk. You need to walk every day and brisk walking can be more effective. This probably sounds a very common practice, but an hour walk can burn 300 calories. Moreover, if you do this activity regularly it can work wonders for your thigh muscles really quickly. However, you will have to perform the work off exercise manual after every walk.

    Firstly, you will have to choose the place you are going to walk. A 2 to 3-mile course is ideal and look for an inclined track because that will help you tone up faster. Try to walk for at least 45 minutes each day, and set a day every week for complete rest. You can walk to work instead of using a motor vehicle or go out for a walk at lunchtime. If you are already fit, then jogging would be a better option. Also stretch your muscles before and after the exercise.

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    Raise your speed

    Positioning is crucial. Place your shoulders back and your chin high. Walk in the normal manner but a bit faster, which will in turn allow your arms to swing more. Increasing your steps will reduce the fat on your inner and outer thighs more effectively. If your legs get tired, then take a breather.

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    Thigh raise

    Lie face down on the floor and lift your legs just above the knees keeping your feet above the surface. Then bend your knees and maintain that position for five seconds. Increase the timing to 15 seconds with time. After this, unbend your knees and lower the legs to the floor. Repeat this several times.

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    Sit on the ground, with your left leg flat and right knee bent. Lift the left leg 6 inches off the ground. Hold for five seconds and then lower it down. Repeat on the other leg.

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