How to Do Balance Ball Bicep Curls

People often face the problem of uneven wings, shoulders, chest or biceps. This is mostly due to the fact that everyone has a stronger side and they tend to be using it more during an exercise. For example, a person with a strong right hand will apply more force during a workout from his/her right side and this will ultimately lead him/her to an uneven muscle growth. In order to balance ball bicep curls, it is necessary that a person should hold weight of same sizes and apply same force from both arms.


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    Take an exercise ball

    Most experts recommend the use of exercise ball for a workout as it is widely used for medication purposes. Therefore, in order to balance your ball bicep curls, it is important that you purchase the exercise ball from your nearest store. Just like other things, these balls come in different varieties, so you should choose the one according to your pocket. You must consider the quality and comfort level of the ball before making the purchase decision.

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    Buy a pair of dumbbells

    After you have purchased the ball, you must buy a pair of dumbbells according to your preferences. It is important that you buy dumbbells of equal weights and of the same brand. Do keep in mind your ability to lift the weight and buy the dumbbells of your desired weight. People often make the mistake of using dumbbells of different weights which eventually leads them to uneven bicep curls. You should be very careful while doing the bicep exercises.

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    Choose a suitable location

    After you have all the required stuff, you must choose the location of your choice to begin exercise. Remember that the location plays an important role in your workout. Therefore, you must choose a place where you can do your workout without any interruption and hesitation.

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    Use the ball and weights

    Now place the exercise ball at the place of your choice and sit on it. You should sit on the ball properly and keep your body balanced. Now hold the dumbbells and start doing the bicep exercise. Make sure you are pulling both weights with equal force, as it is important for balanced curls. It is advised that you do at least three sets of 20 wraps each with both your arms.

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