How to Maintain Fitness with Knee Injury

Injuries are common for people who have vigorous exercise regimes, and even for those people who start out new at the gym and are fascinated by new exercises that will give them results, but don’t know how to perform them accurately as they end up putting too much strain on their bodies and get laid up with a sore back, shoulder injury, inflamed foot, or the most common, knee injury.

However, incurring such injuries doesn’t really mean that you put your exercise on hold, jeopardize your fitness, your routine that you have worked up to build, and end up putting on weight. There are always new forms of training and exercises that you can do while carrying injuries. There are people who feel fit after healing from an injury, because they kept exercising during the healing period.


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    It is very important for people with knee injury to perform machine workouts, rather than going for free weights because free weights put strain on the entire body as oppose to machine workouts which only work on the intended muscle. This process is ideal to maintain fitness while you heal from your knee injury.

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    It is important to target the upper body muscles and for that you need to perform a series of exercises as a circuit. It is important that you do the entire circuit 3 or 4 times with minimum rest in between sets. You should be able to repeat a single exercise 10 times at least, and do these circuits on alternating days.

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    Circuit 1 consists of exercises that will target the chest, back and shoulder. You can perform seated overhead shoulder press, and with the help of a bar you can lie down and dumbbell chest presses, and same can be done on an incline bench. Seated Row is also an effective way to strengthen the rower’s arms.

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    In Circuit 2, your focus will be on lower body, and for abs you can perform Medical Ball Crunches, which is an advance exercise to work the abdominal muscles. For you obliques, you can do Side Plank exercises, which is the best exercise to strengthen your obliques.

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