How toBe Unhealthy

Many people go crazy in an attempt to healthy and smart and it is a very long and cumbersome process. However, if one wants to be unhealthy, it is relatively easier to do so and takes a lot less effort though it does take some time.

To become unhealthy, one must follow some basic principles that either make you fit or otherwise, depending how you use them. These ways are sure to get you on track for a bad health.


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    Go on a Junk Food Spree

    If you want to be unhealthy, do not worry about what the label tells you about the caloric values of your favourite potato chips. Munch in to your heart’s content and if you feel like finishing it all in a go, do not hold back.  Other essentials are high caloric pizzas, burgers and subs. Also do not forget to add those juicy chicken wings. And do not follow any meals; eat at any time that provides you pleasure. Obviously this will give the food industry a boost and will provide you with an extra incentive of having to carry a light pocket.

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    Become a Couch Potato

    Get that remote control and throw yourself on the lovely couch. Watch your favourite movie before turning on the ball game in the night. Do not miss out on the late night spooky show, all staying at your favourite resting place, the couch. It will help you in getting unhealthy quicker than you think. You should be packing weight and all those unhealthy calories will pile up as you maintain a sedentary life style and keep on packing the calories with all the junk food.

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    Light a Cigarette

    Grab a pack of your favourite cigarettes and smoke them away. If you feel like it, you can smoke more once the pack is done and over with. Do not hold back, they’ll surely be ruining your health in a hurry. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can always resort to cigars, they’ll be helpful too.

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    Hit the Pub

    Boozing away also works. Go to your local pub and drink to your heart’s content. It is sure to get you drunk and you’ll be having a bad headache the next day but that is the idea. Drinking works wonders on not only getting you unhealthy but destroys it altogether. A few extra drinks a day for a while and your pals will probably have a hard time recognising you.

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