Fitness Vacation Ideas for Men

Nowadays, everybody is so busy that he cannot spare time even for himself. Busy office schedules, daily family responsibilities, get-togethers and official dinners can make anyone robotic.

In this situation, I am not surprised that everybody just wants to be a couch potato during vacations. All the men think about lying on bed, switching TV channels and eating loads and loads of food. This ultimately leads them to a lazy, slothful and d-shape body.

What if we share some out of the box ideas with you? I am sure all these ideas will force you to leave the couches, pack your gear, pick your partner and drive your vehicle to some exciting destination.


  • 1

    Men’s Fitness Camp

    You may join some men’s fitness camp as many training clubs arrange such camps during summer vacations. Imagine yourself doing intensive workout, getting nutritional education, preparing hygienic meal and sleeping outdoor under the sky.

    Trust me you will feel more close to the nature and this exercise will lift up your soul. Give it a shot and see the magic prevailing.

  • 2

    Mountain Hiking

    If you want to lose weight through some activity which is effective and entertaining at the same time then hiking is undoubtedly the best option. All you need to wear your jogging shoes and get on proper track. Do not forget to put some eatables and water in your shoulder bag to handle this famishing and dehydrating exercise.

  • 3

    Hunting and Fishing

    Those who love to put themselves in challenging and thrilling adventures can quench their thirst with deep sea fishing or forest hunting. This will help you to understand the nature, survive in hostile conditions and discover new places. Trust me this will be a precious experience of your life.

  • 4

    Cross Country Road Trip

    If you have couple of friends who are as vibrant as you are then what else can be better than a cross country road trip. Try a coast to coast road trip and you will feel the difference of coming out of the routine life. You may transform this trip into a family vacation.

  • 5

    Inner World

    If you want to bring peace, calmness and tranquillity in your life then go for some spiritual institution where you can understand life by travelling inwards. Get away from the hustle and bustle of life through meditation, self control and stress relief exercises.

  • 6

    Social Service

    Social service is the best choice to enhance your mental and physical strength. Spare some time for the people around you, gather your friends, plan a beneficial campaign and give the world best you have. Trust me the best will come back to you.

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