How to Prevent Ankle Sprains While Cheerleading

Cheerleaders bring life to a sports event. Previously, their role was limited to mere jumps and pom poms. Now cheerleading has evolved into a gymnastic performance in itself. The cheerleaders add energy to the event with their cheering. It is a sport and the players need balance, flexibility and passion. Like all other sports, cheer leading is not barred from injuries. Since the greatest strain is applied on the ankle region because of all the jumping, the ankles are prone to sprains.  The ankles sprain when overexertion leads to stretching or tearing of ligaments in the ankle. The sprains can cause pain, discomfort and may even keep you from further cheer leading. Therefore, it is important to prevent them in the first place.


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    Before you jump in into a cheer leading practice or performance, do a warm up session. This will help flex your muscles and bring them into form. Rotate the ankles during the warm up. It will strengthen them for the rigorous movement ahead.

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    The shoes you wear effect both your performance and injury prevention. Wear cheer leading shoes that provide support to the ankle are and prevent it from a sprain. Try different pair of shoes in practice sessions. Choose the most comfortable one. You can also take help from the catalogues for choosing the shoe.

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    Ankle sprains are usually a result of imbalance and any mishap during the performance. Practice your steps well in coordination with other members to learn and master them. If you get good at it with the practice, there will be lesser instances of mishap and ankle sprains can be prevented. Practice with your entire team so that all the steps are in coordination. Practice will also help you remain in shape and maintain your weight. A balanced body proportion with the right flexibility is your protection against sprains.

    Stretching is the key to muscle flexibility. Before you start with a practice or performance, stretch well before starting with it. Stretching makes muscles stronger and resistant to any such sprain.

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    If you feel you are developing a sprain or your ankle is hurting, take rest from cheerleading. If you keep on performing, the sprain will go bad and you will be barred from participating in a big event. Sprains gone bad and also take a lot of time to heal completely.

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