How to Use Exercise for Anorexia

Anorexia is an eating disorder along with excessive exercising. Athletes generally suffer from sports anorexia in which they tend to over-exercise to obtain a sense of control over their body. The urge to exercise can tend to be harmful if performed without a desire to stop. People who suffer from this condition have confidence issues as they feel that they have no control over their lives, other than food and exercise. In reality, the situation is almost the opposite. The patient cannot help himself from over-exercising and regular intake of food without feeling guilty about it.


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    Exercising needs to be regulated in case of a person who is suffering from anorexia. Anorexia causes hypertension to the individual suffering from it and therefore feels like over-exercising. Although exercise is essential to keep your body healthy, but too much of it can cause stress and physical exhaustion which is harmful. One needs to set up the time duration for which he or she needs to exercise and not more than that.

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    Take breaks in between exercises. This helps in providing your body the required rest before you decide to undergo another set. Continuous exertion would cause your body to exhaust quickly and leave you frustrated due to it. Therefore, in order to complete your daily exercise routine take small breaks that should not last 5 minutes in-between sets.

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    Most of the anorexia patients also suffer from depression and anxiety as they exercise as a means to get rid of their frustration. They believe that the exercise would help in keeping themselves emotionally stable. However, that’s not the case. The patient tends to get emotionally unstable due to exercise as he  feels like releasing his frustration but the physical exertion is not fulfilling is desired expectation. Consider consulting a therapist who might help you out in getting over your condition.

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    Try to keep yourself occupied with other tasks at hand. Anorexic patients are known for their extreme exercising attitudes. Therefore, it’s required that you turn your attention to other things so that you may not feel insecure, a negative mental state which you get rid of through exercising.

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    Consult a doctor if you’re suffering from anorexia. He might prescribe you medicine to keep you calm or provide you advice upon how and when to exercise. It’s better to seek help of a professional, one whose familiar with your condition instead of figuring out a cure for it all by yourself.

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