How to Prevent Weight Gain Due to Chronic Stress

Biology tells us that stress is one of the causes of weight gain. When a person feels stressed, certain hormones get activated which cause you to feel hungry. The appetite for carbs increases and fat gets stored in the mid section. This sort of fat is harmful as it raises cholesterol and blood sugar. The reasons for chronic stress differs for everyone; it could be because if work, relations, money etc. people find it difficult to eat healthy and start to binge to distract them. We will help you to deal with this.


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    Proper planning can be very useful. So instead of mindless munching, plan your meals ahead. In the free time cook some healthy dishes and go to the market to buy healthy snacks. This way toy will not attack fatty and sugary treats. Don’t be too strict on yourself. Crash diet leads to deprivation and finally you give in to your cravings. So treat yourself occasionally. Make sure to start your day with breakfast and do not skip any other meal throughout the day.

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    Don’t let your mind play games with you. Question yourself whether you are really hungry or not. People start eating when they do not see any other solution. So resist the urge to eat just because you think it will make you feel better. When you do eat, try to enjoy every bite by eating at a slow speed. When you eat fast, you usually end up eating more. People under stress often consume larger portions because they are eating at a fast pace and feel hungry soon after that.

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    When stress starts to increase, devise a plan for physical activity. For starter just take a ten minute walk or at that very moment do some sit-ups. This will process the adrenaline rush which happens because of stress and causes weight gain. Make a habit of doing some sort of exercise regularly. It could be a 30 minute session per day: walking, jogging, swimming or cycling. The hormones will be processes this way and there will be less fat storage. Your metabolism will also increase.

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    Make some changes in your life style. Find another distraction besides food. Talk to a friend when you are under stress as it will help you emotionally. You will also avoid emotional eating because of it. you could also relax your mind and body by doing yoga or getting a massage. It is effective for a lot of people. Lastly the simplest way is to make sure you are getting regular sleep. Keep a target of 8 hours every night.

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