How to Increase Punching Power

Increasing punching power is not that difficult as people believe that size determines how powerful a punch you can land but this is not true. Using the right method and training hard can help you increase punching power. It is recommended to be determined to improve your ability, skill and power. If you are looking to increase your punching power, you will be glad to know that dedication and focus can pay dividends. Follow some simple instruction to improve your punching abilities.

Things required:

– Punching bag 100 pounds or more
– Training coach or friend
– Weighted gloves
– Weighted jump rope


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    Before doing anything else, you will need to make sure that you have a punching bag. Without the punching bag, you will not be able to work out properly. It is recommended to punch a heavier bad than you normally would. Studies have shown that a 100 pound bag can help you improve the power and force of your punch considerably. Continue to work out until you are able to move this bag with a punch. Move up to bigger sizes if need be.

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    Hire a professional coach to learn valuable techniques to improve punching strength. If you cannot afford a coach or a professional trainer, ask your friend to help you recognise problems with your techniques. You can also check the internet for punching tricks and tips that you follow to improve your strength considerably.

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    If possible, use weighted gloves. This will improve your punch force significantly. These gloves can be bought from your local supermarket or any fitness store. Remember that these gloves are designed to increase strength in your arms and not to be used along with the bag. With increase in power in your arms, you can start using even heavier gloves. Remember to start off slow until you build up some strength before getting heavier gloves.

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    If possible, use a jump rope on a regular basis. This will help you stay active and focused on the task at hand. Conditioning of the arms and punching power can be improved by using a weighted jump rope. Exercise regularly along with working out using a punching bag. This practice will allow you to improve your punching power.

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    Science and technology can also play a key role towards your punching power. Control your breath and use your body mass when landing a punch. Standing still or you will not be able to deliver the power required. Move your body forward and backwards when landing punches to achieve quick results.

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