How to Start a Workout and Fitness Plan

Exercise is necessary to remain healthy, to keep your fitness at a desired level and to avoid facing unnecessary exertion at times. No one starts worrying about fitness until someone makes him/her realize to lose weight, tighten buttocks, to get in shape after delivery, build muscle, and so on. Fitness is not only good for physical shape but it is an ongoing process.

A good method to remain fit is working out. However you need a plan before starting any workout. A comprehensive plan is not always necessary. So, it could be fairly simple and short as well.


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    To make a short lesson plan, decide how many sessions you will be able to perform per week first of all and predetermine the time you will be giving to each session. For example, how long will last each session. You can take 2-3 classes a week for 30-60 minutes.

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    Daily activities require diversity and putting load on different muscle groups. So, you should perform different exercises after trying different combinations for example, you can concentrate on aerobics to develop cardiovascular system three times a week and you can do muscle building exercises in the gym for the rest of the week.

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    Try not to start with intense workout initially and then you may increase the intensity and duration of the training program after each subsequent week.

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    Try not to overload the body even during one session. Systematic overtraining only hurt your health. Do not engage in one lesson, only one group of muscles. During each workout provides several minutes to rest.

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    Do exercises in combination. Exercises such as squats, push-ups, weight lifting etc. are good in this regard. This will help to avoid monotony and boredom in training. Many popular exercises can be performed in different ways, at different speeds implementation and without additional weights. Striving for diversity helps you to work with the maximum number of muscles and avoid reducing the effectiveness of fitness due to the gradual habituation of the muscles.

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