How to Stop Cravings for Smoking

So you have finally managed to give up smoking and are determined to be firm on the decision but the cravings are not leaving you alone and keep nagging constantly? Tobacco cravings are natural for someone who has been used to smoking and has recently given up. The cravings weaken the determination of not smoking again and pull a person towards that attractive packet. They can prove to be compelling and many people find themselves back to smoking again. However, it is very important to suppress them if you really want to save your lungs and start living healthy. Here we go with some marvellous tips to help you get over them.


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    Nicotine replacement:

    The craving for smoking derives from the craving of the body to get the nicotine it is used to. This nicotine can be supplied without the harmful chemicals in cigarettes. This form of Nicotine is known as Nicotine Replacement Treatment and it is available as gums.

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    Strong will:

    Quit smoking attempts can take time and it might take several attempts to get over it completely. What matters is the strength of your will power. Every time you feel like giving up, think about why you tried in the first place. This will motivate you to stick to it.

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    Keep the mouth busy:

    Your mouth is used to constant work out. Find alternative ways. Eat healthy balanced food so that there is a filling and satisfied feeling. Suppress the cravings with coffee, tea or orange juice. Chew a gum to keep the mouth busy.

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    Be in contact with people who motivated you to quit like spouse, family and friends. People who are themselves trying to quit and being successful can prove to be great support. At the same time, try to avoid company of people who smoke because it will intensify the craving. You can also politely request acquaintances to avoid smoking in front of you. Most will understand.

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    Physical activity:

    Replace smoking with your favourite sport. It does not have to be an exercise workout in the gym. Anything that makes your body move comes under exercise. Exercise makes your body feel better with less craving for a smoke.

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    Most cravings are short lived. You just have to pass the time they last and do not fall weak. As soon as the alarm bell rings, distract yourself. Watch TV, eat something, go out with friends, talk to people around. Do anything but do not extend a hand towards the cigarette pack. One good trick is to throw away any smokes that you have. So even when you have the strongest of cravings, you cannot access. By the time you reach a shop to get some, the craving might just be over.

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