How to Stop an Under age Tobacco User

Tobacco is injurious to health and in most of the states it is illegal for the underage people to smoke it. Nevertheless, tobacco smoking has become a trend now and majority of the teenagers are seen everywhere smoking tobacco. Despite of the mentioned warnings and lethal diseases, the number of tobacco users is increasing day by day. It is playing a crucial role in deteriorating teenagers from their path as it has become fashion nowadays.

Regardless of the harm that can be done, tobacco industry is one of the most emerging and strong going industries in this financial crunch. Most of the states have strict laws regarding the selling of tobacco to underage persons but they still manage to get through it. It is often observed that teenagers are assisted by some adults who buy tobacco from the shop and then hand it over to them. It should be kept in mind that you are not only playing a major role in spoiling child’s mind but you are also disobeying the law and the latter has serious consequences.

Therefore, one should not try to play tricks with the law and keeping in mind the need for safeguarding the health of underage people, tobacco should not be handed over to the young ones.


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    You should try to act as the law abiding citizen and none of your activities should be against the law. Keeping in mind the serious repercussions of breaking the law, you should never buy tobacco for the underage people.

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    If any teenager asks you a favour of providing tobacco to him, tell him that it is illegal and neither of you should do that. Try to explain him in a gentle way and emphasise the need to follow the law.

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    If you have ever facilitated a teenager by providing him tobacco, you should contact him and tell him straight away that you will not do that in future. You should tell him that it is illegal and he should not seek help from anyone otherwise they can be held liable and this can have a deep impact on his future.

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    He might try to convince you by opting various ways. You should not go soft on him and do not fall for his words.

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    If he still insists you for a favour, remember that he is not a good friend to hang out with as he might be just using you.

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