Best Workout Plans for Teenagers

Children and teenagers should workout at least an hour or more every day. The daily exercises should include aerobics, bone strengthening and muscle building exercises. Teens can gain advantage from exercise of strengthening muscles, bones and joints and improving general well-being. Regular activity also makes you livelier, helps your mood and enhances mental ability. It also aids in weight management and fat loss. Young people have more time to engage in daily workouts, as they are more energetic, have better fitness levels and don’t have medical issues.


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    Aerobic, Muscle and Bone strengthening

    Plan your exercise in the week by engaging in planned activities. These should include muscle and bone strengthening along with aerobics. Do strong aerobic exercises and bone strengthening activities at least four times a week. Good workouts can be done by playing basketball, aerobic dancing and hiking every once in a while. Perform muscle strengthening exercise three times a week by doing push-ups and sit ups as well as yoga.

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    Weight lifting

    Strength training develops and strengthens your muscles. Go to a fitness center and lift free weights or use weight equipment. Start with three sets a week of 20 minutes to almost an hour, and also warm up and cool down between this time. Do not train for two consecutive days. Try to work on just two to three muscle parts in a session. Begin with light weights; do eight to 10 times in each activity. Remember to warm up before the exercise by walking or using the gym bicycle for at least five minutes. Then cool down for the same amount of time after the strength training by stretching each and every muscle in your body.

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    Teens should love yoga as an exercise because it is easy and enjoyable at the same time. All you need is a mat. The exercise is a soothing form of mind-body activity that tones and builds muscles. It also helps you find peace and improves your cardiovascular system.

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    Avoid over-exhausting your body

    Teens need to avoid overburdening themselves with rigorous exercise. They should not over train at all. Moreover, you should carry out various exercises in order to over exhaust joints and muscles. The workout should be devised according to your age and gender, and also pleasing. Immediately stop the activity if it causes you pain, and don’t forget to drink fluids. Remember, teens are still growing and developing their body, so extra care is required to protect joints, bones and muscles from problems and damages.

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