How to Massage Rhomboid Muscles

If you consistently feel pain between the shoulders, pectoral muscles or the neck, it may mean that you need a treatment or massage for the rhomboid muscles, which can be quite a relaxing experience because these muscles hold most of the tension in the body.

The Rhomboid muscles are placed along the upper spine and move downwards, joining the edges of the shoulder blade or the scapula. In order to make the massage more effective, you have to learn the proper technique and tricks, otherwise you may aggravate the situation.


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    Stand at the head of the massage table to start

    Ask your client to lie down on the massage table upside down and you should stand at the head of the table. Now you need to push down along either side of the spine by placing the heels of your palms on the sides of the neck. By doing this, you will press over the rhomboid muscles. While pushing down the spine, you need to go as low as you possibly can and then come back to the top gradually. You need to keep doing this for 4 to 5 minutes to ensure that the muscles have been warmed up.

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    Penetrate deeper

    Once you realise that the muscles have been warmed, you need to penetrate deeper into the rhomboid muscles. You can press the muscles a bit harder this time, while shaking your wrists back and forth. Move lower gently through the spaces between the shoulder blade and the spine. This step will soften up the muscles further.

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    Place the wrists on the lower back

    Gently lift the right wrist of your client and place it on the lower back. You may put a towel under the shoulder of the client to help him lift his arm. Repeat this procedure with the left wrist and arm.

  • 4

    Hold your arms on the rhomboid muscles

    You should now put your wrists on the crook of the client’s neck and move forward by placing your forearms on the back of the client. You need to hold your arms in place when they are on the rhomboid muscles. Now begin putting pressure on the rhomboids slowly and increase gradually. By using your elbow, you will be able to penetrate deeper.

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