How to Perform a Side Kick

Kick is a physical strike which requires using a foot, leg or knee. It is used frequently in stand-up fighting and is one of best way to defend you from attacking.

The heel of the foot or the outer edge of the foot is the two main areas of the impact point. Heels are most suited for hard targets like jaws, ribs, stomach or chest.

Side kick is one of the first few kicks which are taught when teaching Karate. It is also used in hand-to-hand combat.

Things Required

– Martial Arts Supplies
– Martial Arts Uniforms
– Martial Arts Videos


  • 1

    Standing position

    First you need to stand in a proper and balanced way. You need to keep your head straight and feet in straight line. Make a strong grip with floor by your toes and your feet should be pointing forward.

    Make sure to keep your balance as well.

  • 2

    Bend your knees

    After standing in a proper procedure, you need to bend your knees forward. Note that you need to bow your knees in front of your ankles.

    You need to bend your knees like you are riding on a horseback.

  • 3

    Turn your upper body to the side

    Next you need to rotate slightly your upper body while keeping your legs and feet straight. Your sight should be in the direction of the attack. You need to move your upper half of your body to the side.

  • 4

    Protect your midsection

    Lift your fists to your midsection to guard it.

  • 5

    Move your back leg by sliding it forward

    Next you need to slide your back leg forward until it come in the right place where your body is balanced.

  • 6

    Pull up the knee

    Next you need to raise the knee of your front leg. However, keep your heels close to your leg.

  • 7

    Pivot and turn your hip like you are kicking backwards

    After pulling up the knee, turn your hip and upper body away from the direction of the kick target. At same time you need to thrust out the kicking leg outwards to the target.

  • 8

    Retract your striking leg and return to its original place

    After thrusting your kicking leg, quickly bring it back to its original place. Bring your kick back in the position where you are ready to kick again.

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