How to Keep a Fitness Journal

Keeping a fitness journal is a great idea especially if you are just starting to exercise or start a new workout routine. Your fitness journal will help you keep track of everything that you want achieve and also monitor your daily, weekly or monthly progress. Your fitness journal can really help you psychologically as it will show you how far you have come and the various goals that you have achieved. Keeping a fitness journal is relatively simple as long as you keep in mind a few simple easy guidelines.


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    Computer or paper based journal:

    Before starting a fitness journal it is a good idea to decide if you want to keep it on the computer or on paper like a folder or diary. Remember it is entirely up to you as it all depends on the convenience of the method that you choose. Lately, there has been a trend to keep your fitness journal on a computer and have it synchronised with your smart phone. There are plenty of different applications available that can handle this task effectively. Be sure to decide which method suits you best.

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    Beginning information:

    Make a note in your fitness journal of your current or beginning information like body mass index (BMI), weight and other vital data about yourself. This will be your reference point that you will use to compare with on a weekly basis.

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    List aims:

    Make a list in your fitness journal about your own aims that you intend to achieve through your workout routine. Be sure to put your specific objectives or aims properly so that you can use these to motivate yourself. While you achieve these aims then you can tick this off your list and feel a great sense of achievement as you continue to work-out.

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    List exercise routine:

    Write down or list your entire exercise routine in your fitness journal. If you make any changes to your work-outs then be sure to update you fitness journal.

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    List specific dietary plans:

    Make sure to put your dietary plans that you will use to match your exercise routine in your fitness journal. Always list all the changes in your diet plans or updates in your fitness journal.

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    Regularly update:

    As you continue your exercise routine and dietary plans make sure to constantly update your fitness journal so that you can track or monitor changes that you are going through. Try to keep your fitness journal as up to date as possible for it to be effective and useful for you.

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