How to Treat a Pulled Quadricep Muscle

The Quadricep Muscle is a cluster of the four muscles right in the frontage of your thighs. They have great importance in your participation in various daily activities, especially sports. Unfortunately, once this muscle gets pulled, it will bring instantaneous pain and uneasiness, often resulting in being unable to take part in major daily and sport activities. Quadricep Muscles support the whole weight of your body and therefore help in walking, running, jumping and bending etc. with the severe pain and discomfort as a result of a Pulled Quadricep Muscle, you would not able to move easily. However, there are some very useful activities that you can carry out yourself at home to treat a Pulled Quadricep Muscle.


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    The useful treatment for a pulled quad muscle is proper bed rest. Further movements can make your condition severe. Rest the injury properly to overcome it in the initial stage.

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    Ice Pack Works

    Bring your ice pack into play and use it to soothe the pain as a result of pulled a quad muscle. Dab your thighs with an ice pack for at least 20 minutes. Repeat this simple activity three to four times a day and continue until you get rid of the pain due to pulled muscles. Ice packs helps in soothing the swelling and pain of the pulled muscles.

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    Compression is Useful

    Pick a compression bandage and use it to bandage your thighs. However, make sure to wrap it loosely so that it doesn’t affect your blood circulation. Variety of compression bandages is easily available in the medical stores in the market.

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    Raise your Pulled Quadricep Muscle

    After rest, ice pack and compression, your Pulled Quadricep Muscle would be much better. After 24 hours of injury, you can now bring the injured thigh into the fore. Gently lift up the injured thigh to the position above your heart, hold it for 30 second and then bring it down slowly. You might find it painful and difficult, but you have to perform it in order to return to activities faster after the injury.

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    Stretching Helps

    Stretching of the Pulled Quadricep Muscle is important as it helps in stimulating the blood circulation and flexibility of the injured thigh. Gently stretch the affected thigh time to time during the day. However, make sure to avoid over-stretching or bouncing as it can further hurt the affected muscles.

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    Still Aching?

    If your pulled Quadricep muscle is still hurting and the ache is creeping up to your knee, it is better to consult an orthopedic surgeon or specialist. Go through the prescribed treatment and take the medication properly in order to quickly return to daily activities with fully healthy Quadriceps muscle. Get well soon!

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