How to Compare Cleveland Launcher to Callaway Ft

Cleveland Launcher and Callaway Ft are two golf clubs which players use for different conditions and situations. Callaway Ft is a refined head shape golf club with a sleek and stealth look. This particular golf club is very useful when someone needs to slice during the match. Callaway Ft is the best club which gives the desired results. It’s square design gives maximum agility to players while hitting with the surface. The long slice shot will determine your position in the match. On the other hand Cleveland Launcher is often used from the tee to the fairway and rough shots.


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    Comparing Cleveland Launcher to Callaway Ft

    It is not hard comparing Cleveland Launcher and Callaway Ft as both clubs have different purposes. Cleveland Launcher has traditional look with maximum hardness at the bottom while the low and deep centre of gravity gives more firm handling. While hitting, it will send the ball up in the air. Many golfers like this club for its toughness. The Callaway Ft is more for a slice shot. It is important that you slice with the surface to gain the maximum results from the club. Experts and many golf players always say that if some player is struggling with perfect slice shot he or she must use Callaway Ft club. Also, for long drives, this club is just perfect.

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    Cleveland Launcher, Callaway FT target specific swing speeds

    Both these golf clubs are made to produce different swing speeds. The Callaway Ft is more of a square head club and always used for more stability and accuracy while the other is used for long drives and gain early position in the match. In golf, if you are able to slightly gain an early lead in the match with more shots and less holes, you will easily turn it in your favour.

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    Different players support different types of clubs

    It is also important that you should understand that different types of players like different types of golf clubs. Some players and even some renowned professional players like Callaway Ft while some also like the Cleveland Launcher.

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    Meet players

    For a layman who does not understand much about golf and what the parameters of the game are, he or she cannot understand and make a clear comparison of the two clubs. In this type of situation, you can also go to professional players for their valuable assistance.

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    Hit clubs with a fitting professional

    You can also analyze a little as hitting the clubs with a fitting professional. It will somewhat give you real detail about the two clubs.

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