How to Avoid Cycling Injuries

Nobody can become a good cyclist until he avoids problems before they happen. It is not though indeed, as you need just right equipment, proper bicycle adjustments and basic riding techniques.

Cycling, as a sport, is really hard and needs high-intensity training. Besides the injuries brought by the accidents, a cyclist may face a dozen of issues, because it needs excellent fitness to ride for a long duration.

Skills are probably the most important part. An expert rider can avoid many accidents by handling the situation wisely. On the other hand, if you are not good with riding, even the best equipments will not be able to protect you from injuries.

Things Required:

– Cycling helmet
– Proper shoes
– Well fitted saddle
– Bike tuned for your size
– Cycling gloves


  • 1

    Protecting sensitive parts of your body is extremely important. The researches have proved that those who don’t wear helmets usually pick serious injuries. A head protection helps you avoid fatal injuries. So, don’t ever ride without a helmet.

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    Wear smooth gloves to avoid hand injuries. Whenever a rider unfortunately falls down, first of all his hands hit the ground. And sometimes even a minor road accident proves really dangerous for the hands and wrists, because the rider don’t usually wear gloves. The cycling gloves also help you grip the handle properly.

  • 3

    Make your seat as comfortable as possible. Both men and women face massive challenges when it comes to ride bicycle for a longer period of time. Men usually face numbness in their lower body, whereas the females face vaginal discomfort.  Hence, you must ensure that the saddle fits your body.

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    Properly fitted shoes are another important part of safety. You will find plenty of shoes designed particularly for the cyclists. Such foot wears are sized slightly differently, so they fit properly. If you are going to ride for an extended period, don’t forget foot wear, preferably the special cycling shoes.

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    Elbow and knee guards are important too. You must have seen several riders getting scratches mostly on elbows and knees. And sometimes, they even find a broken arm or leg. Such protections not only avoid scratches, but also help make injuries less painful.

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    Take your bicycle to a professional, so he makes necessary adjustments according to your height and weight. Your feet must touch the surface properly when you stop your bicycle. You also need to adjust the height and width of your handle to avoid back injuries.

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