How to Do Dumbbell Exercises at Home

Everyone desires to have a fit and healthy living and exercise holds a vital role in maintaining one’s physical being. Normal stretching exercises or dancing can be useful for preventing any sprains or muscle pulls during your routine work. However, intense weight lifting exercises are needed to bring your body in its true shape and exposing every muscle within it. It is not possible for everyone to spend hours at gym everyday and many of us prefer to do exercises at home. You can purchase few sets of dumbbells with a range of weights and can do some useful exercises at home.


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    Standing Lateral Raise

    Dumbbell exercises can be used to exert pressure on every muscle of your body and we shall start up with shoulder muscles. You need to hold two medium weight dumbbells in both of your hands and stand straight up.

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    Make sure your feet are apart by your shoulders’ width and your palms should be facing your thighs while you stand at ease.

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    Now slowly lift up your one arm in the outward direction, keeping the palms of your hands facing your body. Raise your arm as long as it becomes even with your shoulders. Then slowly bring it back to its mean position.

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    Now rest that arm and lift up the other one in the same manner. Keep repeating this step with both arms until you feel stress on your shoulder muscles.

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    Biceps Curl

    It is the most common exercise done with the dumbbells. It will exert stress on your bicep muscles and make your arms stronger. Take two dumbbells in your hand and sit down on a bench.

  • 6

    Keep your arms down while holding the dumbbells and your palms should be facing the direction of your face.

  • 7

    Slowly curl up your one arm towards your chest, hold it there for a second when the dumbbell touches your chest and then gradually bring your arm back. Repeat the step with the other arm and keep doing it one by one until your biceps are fully pumped up.

  • 8

    Performing a Lunge

    Stand up straight and then place one of your foot right in front of the other.

  • 9

    Hold dumbbells in your both hands and push through the heel of your front foot to lunge forward. You have to hold it there for one second before returning to your mean position and repeating the step once again.

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