How to Burn Fats with a Jump Rope Workout

Burning fats has become one of the most concerned and important task for bulky people and they do many types of exercises in order to burn fats from their bodies in order to get in good shape. Among the numerous types of workouts, jumping rope holds a paramount importance as it helps in burning fats and can be done by all people from all ages. A little skill is required for jumping rope and it will help you burn your fats without taking help from any professional coach. Keep reading to learn how to burn fat with jump rope workout.


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    First of all, you should do a few simple exercises in order to warm up your body which will help you to avoid injury to your knee or calf muscles.

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    Make sure you spend almost 10 minutes doing warm up exercises including jogging, stretching and jumping which will help you to prepare your body for jumping rope workout.

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    You should buy a jumping rope that suits to you because jumping ropes are available in different sizes and in different weights. Always perform jump rope workout with a rope that is quite comfortable for you.

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    Start with a slow speed and focus on prolonging the workout without any break. Try to perform the jumping task accurately by staying focused and start increasing the pace when you feel that you are comfortable in doing this exercise without any interruption.

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    Make sure you grab the handles of the rope accurately and move the rope with the help of your wrists. It will help you in moving the rope smoothly and your jumping will also be in a proper sequence.

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    Spend at least 15 minutes in doing this jump rope workout and repeat the process three times or complete three sets of five minutes each.

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    After five minutes of consecutive jumping, you should take a break of 2 to 3 minutes and then start the second set and take a break again before the third set.

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    You can also start jump rope workout by counting the numbers of jumps that you make. Start the first set and jump for 200 times. Then take rest for a couple of minutes and then jump for another 200 times then do the final set in the similar manner.

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    After doing it for one week, you should increase your speed and also increase the wraps by taking it to 300 jumps. Keep increasing the intensity after every week and you will start observing the positive results in just two weeks.

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