How to Burn Files to CD using MAC OS X Lion

If you have Mac OS X Lion, a Linux-based operating system, installed in your computer and you want to burn some data on a CD, then you should know that your operating system allows you to do so without installing any software program.

The Mac OS X Lion allows its users to burn the data on CDs in just few clicks. The process is really easy and even a novice computer user can burn CDs using Mac OS X Lion. You only need to have a blank CD and a CD writer drive installed in your computer.


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    Go to the Mac "Finder" toolbar and open the “File” Menu. Select "New Burn Folder” in order to create a folder which you will burn on your CD.

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    Now you need to go to the folder where you kept the files that you want to burn to the CD. Drag and drop them to the New Burn Folder. You can also copy and paste them to the destination folder. For that purpose, you will have to click on the files that you want to burn, while pressing and holding the Ctrl key.

    Once you are done with selecting all the files, you can press Command + C keys at the same time to copy them. Go to the New Burn Folder and press Command + V keys at the same time to paste the files.

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    Now take a blank CD and insert it into your Mac’s CD writer drive. After you find that your operating system has read the CD, you can start burning your data on the disk.

    For that purpose, go to the New Burn Folder and locate the “Burn” button. Click on it, and a new dialog box will open, asking you about the burn speed you want to set for your disk. Choose the burn speed and click the “Burn” button once more, to start the burning process.

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    Now wait for the data burn to complete. It may take several minutes, depending on the size of the data you added to the burn list. When the burn process completes, your CD will automatically come out of the CD writer drive. Take it and save it in a case.

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