How to Burn Wood Chips Or Charcoals

One of the most important things in a barbecue party is an outdoor grill. Most people prefer to grill their food on charcoal grills to get a taste of the flavour that is added to the grilled food by burning charcoal. Additionally, people add wood chips to burning charcoal to add a unique Smokey flavour to the grilled food. Burning wood chips or charcoal in a charcoal grill is very easy once you have learned the technique.

Things Required:

– Charcoal grill
– Water
– Large bowl
– Matches or lighter
– Charcoal lighter fluid


  • 1

    Open the charcoal grill and expose the charcoal tray be removing the grate. The amount of charcoal you will need to burn depends on the quantity of food that you will be preparing. If you are only going to be preparing a meal or two, place approximately two handfuls of charcoal in the centre of the grill and pile the charcoal in a small flat mound. However, use the better half of large charcoal bag if it is a part you will be hosting. In the latter case, you will need to spread the charcoal evenly along the charcoal tray.

  • 2

    Pour lighter fluid on the charcoal and wait until the lighter fluid saturates the charcoal. Make sure that you do not pour too much lighter fluid or else the fluid will pool which is something you do not want to happen. It should take approximately 5 minutes for the charcoal to soak the lighter fluid and get saturated. While you wait, replace the grate that you removed earlier.

  • 3

    Stand approximately three feet away from the grill, light a match stick and throw it onto the open grill. The charcoal in the grill will immediately catch fire. Allow time for the fire to calm down which should take about 10 minutes. Replace the top cover grill that you opened earlier to preheat the grill. Also, open the air vents to allow air ventilation in the grill.

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    Half fill a large bowl with water. Soak the wood chips in this bowl and leave them soaked for approximately 30 to 60 minutes. At the charcoal grill, allow time for the charcoal to turn red hot.

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    Sprinkle the red hot charcoal with handfuls of water soaked wood chips. It would take about 5 minutes for the wood chips to burn and smoke. You can now lay the food that you want to prepare on the grate.

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