How to Buy a Motocross Bike

Motocross or dirt bikes are used in different games and they are a dream for every bike lover. If you are interested in purchasing this wonderful two-wheeler, you have to be aware of a few important things. Otherwise you will be disappointed with your purchase and will lose interest in dirt bikes altogether.

Whenever you are looking to buy any form of bike, you have to do some proper research and then consult a professional before finalising the deal. This way, you will be happy with your purchase and will have more fun with your motocross bike.

Things Required:

– Internet
– Paper
– Pen
– Payment method
– License


  • 1

    Determine what type of bike you want

    There are different types of motocross bikes and you have to determine what exactly you want. Other than the suspension, strokes, weight and other things, you have to decide whether you want a new or a used bike. Moreover, you have to keep your own weight and experience into account.

  • 2

    Test a motocross bike

    Go to a local motocross bike shop and get some information regarding different bikes from a professional. You will get some very good recommendations and will get the option to test a bike.

  • 3

    Note price and features of the bikes

    At the shop, you will see different motocross bikes in different price ranges. Note them down and write down the features, as that will help you make a very good comparison.

  • 4

    Find bikes for sale

    You can also see some bikes for sale, as that will help you save a lot of money. The best way of doing so is searching the internet. You will find some very good options, if there are some available.

  • 5

    Take a friend alongside

    When you have decided to make the purchase, take one of your friends alongside. This way, you will be able to make a better deal. Your friend might end up noticing a special feature, which you have ignored.

  • 6

    Ask questions about the bike

    Make sure you ask as many questions as possible to the bike seller before finalising the deal.

  • 7

    Make the payment

    Once you have got the answers from the seller, make the payment to the seller and get the contract of transfer from him/her. You can either pay cash to the bike owner or make the payment through check. If you are ordering online, you can use your PayPal account.

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