How to Buy Airline Tickets Without Credit Card

Getting an airline ticket is not so hard nowadays. You do not have to stand in queue at the sale office of an airline or get stuck in traffic in rush hours. All you have to do is get an Internet connection (which almost everyone has these days) and buy a ticket for your next flight. But the problem in most cases is that you cannot buy an airline ticket without a credit card.

Credit cards have become a substitute for cash but most of the Internet purchases cannot be done without a credit card. Despite this, there are ways to buy airline ticket without a credit card. Be mindful that most of these methods are used for offline purchases.


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    Debit card

    Debit card is an option that you can use as an alternate to credit card. Since debit card are not accepted by a large number of airline websites, you will find it a bit hard to search for the companies that allow debit card payments. If you do not have debit card and have been using just credit card with your bank, it is time to apply for one.

    Bear in mind that purchase with debit cards may take a few days, so you have to be prepared for that. If you are in rush to get an airline ticket and reach your destination, debit card may not be as good an option as credit card. However, the process of getting a debit card from a bank is far less complex than that of credit card and you can get it issued within a few days.

    Once issued with the debit card, you can follow the same process of purchase as you do with credit card.

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    Search for websites

    You probably will not be able to find the official websites of well-known airline companies that allow debit card payment, as most of them allow credit card purchases. Online ticketing, however, is being done through debit card and you can search for website that act as intermediary between buyers and the companies.

    For instance, if you are from the United States, you can use the services of American Airlines website. The website lets users buy e-tickets through cheque. But for e-ticket purchase with the American Airlines website, you should have an account with the bank based in the United States (or an American bank). You will also be required to give the bank’s routing number. The Airline will then verify the address of the bank.

    In addition to payment through check, you can also use electronic payment services such as PayPal. PayPal, being the number one payment processor in the world, has multiple options for people like you. You just have to provide all the essential details and make the purchase.

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    Buy ticket in person

    If you want to avoid credit card purchase for any reason, buying a ticket through a sale office of an airline is the easiest option available for you.

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