How to Buy an Office Space in London

There are several outstanding locations to buy an office space in London. However, it depends on need and the amount of money that you are ready to pour in. London is divided in three sections when it comes to find a location, central London, East and West. All these three sections vary in prices, as more you get close to the city higher the prices will go.

For a business man or company it is necessary to determine these things first before they buy an office. Firstly if it’s a sales and marketing business then, you should purchase a place in the hub of the city’s business centres. So you can generate more business by saving both time and money.

If you business is related to desk work then it should be away from all the hustle and bustle of main city in order to have a quiet and calm environment. Some businesses require more space and it is not easy to find big offices in the city, therefore, for such ventures a place just outside or on the border of the city remains perfect.

Below are the steps to buy an office space in London.


  • 1

    Determine requirements

    First you need to determine your requirement for instance:

    a)       In which area you want office space.

    b)       How much space you require?

    c)       Office should be on ground floor or on higher floors.

    d)       Whether you need a brand new office space or a refurbished will do the job.

    e)       Whether you need car parking space outside your office premises.

    f)        How far amenities should be from your new office.

    g)       Price of the property.

  • 2

    Real Estate dealers

    Then get in touch with a reputable real estate dealer. Below is the list of some real estate agents in London.

    (a) Arlington Estates

    (b) Central Estate Agents

    (c) Grosvenor International

    Once you are done finalizing a estate agent then you will tell him/her about your requirements. After having all details, your estate dealer will provide you the best available options that fulfill your requirements or either search for better deals in the real estate market.

  • 3

    Find Online

    Another way to find your desired office place in London is through different online portals. Here is the list of some websites that list numerous office spaces for sale:

    (a) Visit Official Space Website

    (b) Visit E Office Website

    (c) Visit Estate Gazette Website

  • 4

    Real Estate Valuators

    When you are done finding an office space that meet all your requirements then, you have to assess the real value of that property with the help of valuators. Below are some valuators that can help you in assessing the value of a property.

    (a) Parmentier Arthur Group Limited

    (b) BNP Paribas

    (c) Bunch & Duke

  • 5

    Make Offer

    After determining the actual vale of the property, you will make an offer to the vendor as per your estimate or liking. After which a deal will be reached with little or no negotiations.

  • 6

    Solicitors / Lawyers

    When the vendor accepts your offer then, you have to go through some legal paper work. At this stage, you require assistance of a lawyer/solicitor, who will guide you through the entire legal process. This is necessary in case to avoid any fraud, while purchasing a property. Below are some renowned business lawyers.

    (a) Abrahamson and Associates

    (b) G.H Gelberg & Co

    (c) Bennett Welch & Co

  • 7

    Transfer of Ownership

    After filling all legal papers and making all the payment as per agreement the property will be transferred in your name. When property gets transfers in your name then, you will be ready to start your business operations from the new office space.

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