How to Buy Cash Register for a Restaurant in London

A cash register is designed for specific types of business and a proprietor needs to carefully choose the one that suits his or her needs. In the restaurant business, especially in London, most cash registers being employed are ones that produce a receipt for the customer and one for the restaurant. Finding the right kind of cash register for your business means that you must first determine which type of register serves your needs best. For inexperienced owners and users, this step by step guide to buy a cash register for a restaurant in London will be helpful.


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    There are different types of cash registers but only two of them best suit a restaurant business.

    The first type uses thermal paper to print receipts and this cash register prints a second copy of the transaction. One copy belongs to the customer while the other one goes into cash drawer so the owner can keep track of his business dealings.

    The other kind of cash register uses ribbon print. The ribbons are less expensive than thermal therefore a business with a smaller budget prefers to use it. The main disadvantage of having this type of cash register is that it produces only one copy of the transaction and that goes to the customer.

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    Once you have determined the type of cash register that suits your needs the best then, contact a merchant who deals in cash registers. There are several cash register merchants in London from where you can easily get a cash register for your restaurant. Here is a list of some merchants that deal in cash registers of different makes and models.

    1. Kepos Systems
    2. Epos Company
    3. Cash Register Services

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    It is best to choose a vendor who provides you after sales services. So in case of any malfunctioning, the cash register wouldn't become a headache for you.

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    There are times when you can also get a discount if you buy more than one cash register from a vendor. However, it solely depends on your need but its better to have more than one cash register because if one breaks down you have another for backup. Or you can set another counter to reduce the rush.

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    Don’t forget to take a warranty card, so you can claim any damage or broken part of the cash register after purchasing.

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