How to Buy Gold with Zero Dealer Markups

No woman can resist buying gold and it does not matter how much prices escalate, people will still buy the precious metal. Not to mention, the trend of wearing gold in men has considerably increased and they have also started wearing gold watches, chains and bracelets. Nevertheless, with the increasing prices of gold, the jewellers have also started selling gold on easy instalments to retain their customer base. Previously, the jewellers used to give gold items on easy instalments and low mark up but due to the increased competition, some jewellers charge no mark up from their customers if they payback the whole amount in a certain amount of time.


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    Decide your budget

    Undoubtedly, the most important thing is outlining your budget. Of course, you are not buying the product on cash but you should have a clear idea about your monthly savings as this will help you in choosing the type of product you can purchase. For this, you must have a closer look at your monthly expenses and earnings to then analyse your savings.

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    List down jewellers

    After you have a budget in mind, you must start listing down the jewellers that offer gold on easy instalments. Your first priority should be to know the names of all jewellers who can provide you the services in your locality. Now you must visit them and talk to the each shop manager and consider the possibility of purchasing the item on easy instalments. In some cases, you might be able to get in touch with the shop owner and this might prove fruitful while jewellery stores of reasonable size have empowered the manager for making such decisions.

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    Choose the item

    Now, you must choose the amount of gold you wish to buy from the store. Make sure that it falls within your budget and you are not exceeding your pocket.

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    Sign the contract

    You will be required to sign the contract which will list down the cost and instalment method of the item. You must carefully review the contract and make sure that the zero mark up clause is mentioned, provided you make the payment in the agreed time. Most jewellery stores give the time of three to six months to their customers.

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    Pay in time

    You must abide by the agreement and pay the jewellery store within the agreed time frame.

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