How to Buy Groupon Spa Deals in London

Whether you are men or women, spas are in high demand by both genders. However, the available packages of renowned spas in London are expensive, customers remain in the hunt for different discount packages. has made this search easier by providing amazing discount deals on everything including spas. However, many people are not familiar with Groupon and therefore, don’t know how to avail Groupon deals. Some users are also concerned about the safety of purchasing through the website. Groupon is one of the most secure and well known online portal to purchase the discounted deals.  Follow the  Step by Step guide that to buy Groupon Spa Deals in London.


  • 1

    To avail the Groupon spa deals in London, first you need to register yourself. For registration at groupon's UK website

    You need to provide the relevant information in this form. After registration, use the email and password which you have provided in the NEW USER form to login into your Groupon account.


    If you have a facebook account use it to sign into Groupon.

  • 2

    Click Today’s Deal on the main page to view the details of the available deals. You will find a certain number of deals available to buy and at the same page. In case there is no Spa deal available in London, then you have to subscribe for upcoming Spa deals on Groupon by providing your email address. To subscribe give your email address in the right corner of the main page under the Receive deals for London.

  • 3

    If you have found a Spa deal, then click BUY IT NOW!

    A box will appear in front of you with a heading of CHOOSE YOUR DEAL. Under this you will find two or more packages.

    In front of these packages you will find the Price of these deals and a BUY tag. Once you have finalized a package, click BUY tag in front of it, that will lead you to payment page.

  • 4

    Here you will select a payment method. There will be four options to make payment:

    Credit/Debit Card


    American Express

    Pay Pal

    After selecting a payment mode enter the number of your card. If you choose to pay through credit or debit card then don’t forget to enter Credit Card Verification Value Number (CVC / CVV).

  • 5

    After filling out the numbers click SUBMIT ORDER.

  • 6

    Once your card has been charged you will receive a receipt of confirmation. This receipt will illustrate how to print your Groupon coupon. Your Groupon coupon will contain every detail you need to know in order to redeem it.

  • 7

    You can only get the Groupon deal if only the deal ends or a certain number of customers buy it.

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